Conditions 3/10... it will put hair on your chest

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Conditions 3/10... it will put hair on your chest

Postby wigman » Fri Mar 10, 2017 10:06 pm

I skied the afternoon today. Yesterday's snow opened up some new terrain so I decided to sample the goods. Sure enough, soft snow could be found in the usual places. It was enough to soften my turns over the sometimes glacial surface below. I skied double bitter, bubblecuffer, toke road, ripsaw, and a couple secret stashes. As long as you behave yourself, all of these trails are skiable. If you don't follow the line, these trails will eat you up and spit you out. Toke road in particular must be skied with care. My secret stash was untouched by skiers. A coyote or large fox beat me to it however. The underlying surface is hard and fast but if you play your cards right, soft turns are there.

The groomers were a mixed bag. Comp hill skied great but Gondi was glacial.

We need the storm coming next week, until then explore with caution and behave yourselves.

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